Kate Beckinsale Thinks It’s Hilarious to Text What to Her Daughter?


So, er…you know how those salacious — and I mean in the nicest, most complimentary way — Europeans are much more comfortable with the naked human form than we prudish Americans? Actually, I’m pretty much an across-the-ponder at heart, because I’m trying to teach my kids that nudity is nothing to be afraid of, least of all a nipple (and most naturally of all, one being used to feed a baby); most of my crew is pretty comfortable running around the house au natural. But, even I have to admit the Beckinsale-Sheen family takes things in a bit of a different direction. A while back, Michael Sheen paid Conan a visit to discuss his role on Showtime’s Masters of Sex, and when queried about the side effects of playing William Masters and often appearing on the series sans clothing, Sheen mentioned that his 16 year old daughter Lily sometimes searched online for nude photos of him. “It’s a way of her being able to deal with it,” the actor said.


Hmm…I can see the curiosity factor coming into play, so okay — let’s roll with it. No biggie, right?

Cue Lily’s mum Kate Beckinsale appearing on Conan yesterday, when things went even more unexpected after O’Brien mentioned her (now 17) daughter’s curious Googling.

See, you make that sound creepy, and I remember when he was on here, he said that; he…he made it sound creepy.”

Beckinsale goes on to explain that she and her daughter both find naked photos of men funny, and “sometimes in a low moment” they’ll text a particularly amusing naked Sheen photo to each other.

If I sense that she’s feeling low, I think, you know what, she could use Michael in the bath, you know…it works very well most times.”



You know, why don’t you just watch Beckinsale explain it herself.


Well, the Beckinsale-Sheens do have exceptional senses of humor

Cindy Davis

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