This Fan-Made Game of Thrones Trailer Will Leave You Frothing at the Mouth for Sunday’s “Battle of the Bastards”


Yeah, we’re beating the Game of Thrones drums hard this week; you know how it goes with these penultimate episodes. Our hopes are high for another “Hardhome” — surprisingly not a ninth — especially since this season’s “Battle of the Bastards” (which I really want to spell Tarantino-style) is also directed by Miguel Sapochnik. Whatever our wishes — Sansa killing Ramsay, Davos killing Melisandre, a Stark victory, not losing our (and Brienne’s) Lustybane — or expectations — Jon will win, but also maybe die for real, this time — there are bound to be crushing surprises and terrible losses … it’s the series’ hallmark to somehow leave us devastated.

The official HBO preview is a fine stage setter, but this … this gorgeous, tension-building, fan-made trailer is so good, it’ll have you ready to lead the charge against Ramsay Bolton yourself.




Nicely done, ControvT!

Here are few official photos released by HBO:







“Battle of the Bastards” airs this Sunday on HBO.

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