Game of Thrones’ Tormund Giantsbane Lustybane Loves Our Titanic-ery Shipping!


Kristofer Hivju, aka Tormund Giantsbane, aka Tormund Lustybane, says the Game of Thrones‘ cast was surprised by fan reaction to his Brienne appreciation …


… first seen in “The Door.” In fact, Hivju says he finds it “touching” that we all took to the idea of the couple so quickly and emphatically. Speaking with Vulture, the Thrones’ and The Last King actor appears to be all in, even suggesting Brienne and Tormund should have their own romantic comedy series.

… what I love is that we’re finally seeing a new side of Tormund. For so many reasons, he’s been kind of a bad guy in the series, and now you see the romantic, the lover. And because of that, everyone has a wish that Game of Thrones become a romantic comedy now! “Please make it a romantic comedy! More love! More love!” What we should do is make an internet series about Brienne and Tormund and their life together. We need our own show.


He also LOVES the Titanic poses we’ve been creating and, having just joined Instagram, Hivju has discovered a whole new world of fan adoration. Perhaps best of all, he’s also made a glorious observation about Brienne and Tormund’s genderfluid personas:

I just joined Instagram, so now I see a lot of the things the fans have created, and it’s so touching. Like the Titanic poses. I saw that one, and the funny thing with those characters, it works both ways, if you want to reverse the genders. He can hold her, or she can hold him, because if you get those two characters together, you don’t know who would be the more masculine of the two of them. In some ways, I feel like the feminine part of that relationship. It’s the peak of emancipation!


As if this Norwegian gingerbeard hadn’t already stolen all our hearts … he gets it. And he gets us.

I’ve never wanted to run my hands through his gorgeous hair more.


Even Ser Davos can’t help himself.



Read more of Hivju’s enthusiastic thoughts here.

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