Game of Thrones’ Behind the “Battle” Scenes Will Only Leave You More Impressed by Sunday’s Penultimate Episode


***Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for Game of Thrones through Season 6, Episode 9, follow. Spoilers***


It says something about Sunday’s “Battle” how taken we all were with the beauty DP Fabian Wagner and director Miguel Sapochnik were able to achieve. I could have gif-fed all night and, now that I’ve seen HBO’s “Behind the Scenes” clip showing how many of the shots were set up and achieved, Episode 9 is awe-inspiring. With so many moving parts and mixing in actors and extras, eighty horses, seamlessly blended effects, and expertly costumed dummy humans and animals, the thought that all parties, including David Benioff and Dan Weiss, put into this hour is mind-boggling. The details attended to are in themselves incredible: the innuendo achieved by Kit Harington and Sophie Turner — and the takes to get them — is beyond impressive … simply hearing them each describe what was going through Jon and Sansa’s minds during those final scenes brings on a tear or two. As Iwan Rheon and Harington discuss the psychology Ramsay employs, and Jon’s foolishness at not paying attention to what Sansa had told him, you’ll find yourself nodding along; it all came through. This ten-minute clip is well worth your time, but I warn you: it’ll only set up fervent desire to watch the “Battle” again.

I simply can’t help myself: I MUST GIF.



Real horses charging at Kit Harington:













See you this Sunday for the supersized Thrones — 69 minutes — finale, “The Winds of Winter”.


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