Here are Just Another Couple Reasons We Love Alexander Skarsgård, Regardless of His State of Undress


Alexander Skarsgård dropped by to visit our old friend (I like to think of him that way) Stephen Colbert to chat up Tarzan, lightly delve into politics — how the Swedish government differs from ours — and to share another bit of his homeland: smörgåskaviar, aka Kalles: creamed, smoked fish roe. Colbert noted that the New York Times review said Kalles “challenged the world’s gag reflex,” and squeezed out the roe onto a few crackers in an attempt to broker a shirt-removing deal with Skarsgård …


… which the actor quickly circumvented.


Colbert was game to try the stuff himself, and it seemed like no big deal.


Watch the whole exchange, also worth it for Skarsgård’s careful comments about the King of Sweden:

Better yet is the gun discussion had with Skarsgård on Sirius/XM‘s Andy Cohen live show: when asked about the United States’ gun debate, the actor related his experience in the Swedish Navy and expressed strong feelings about automatic weapons in civilian hands:

“I had an AK-5 assault rifle that I used every day for a year and a half … so I know what those weapons can do and what they’re for. And I just have a hard time understanding why civilians should have those weapons. I don’t think they belong in the hands of civilians. I think they belong in the military and nowhere else.”

Mentioning that discussion and debates about weapons are starting to feel like Groundhog Day — there’s a shooting, then nothing happens, and a couple days later there’s another shooting — Skarsgård understands that an assault weapons ban isn’t going to stop mass shootings in one fell swoop.

“It’s not only about banning assault rifles. You need something more comprehensive, and there are a lot of issues with mental health. It’s a very complex issue,” he said. “But to answer your question, [as] someone who served in the military and used those weapons, I don’t think civilians should have them.”


It is indeed a complicated issue, and I appreciate that Skarsgård is so careful in choosing his words and not speaking in absolutes; there really are none. I do agree with him that civilians just don’t require assault rifles, but, unfortunately, there are still plenty of gun rights (what an odd term!) activists who think the average citizen has a right to bear them.

On to more pleasant subjects, and Skarsgård is one of them: if you’d still like to see him shirtless (or pantsless), this is the clip for you:



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