Five Things We Want Need to Happen in Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Finale, “The Winds of Winter”



***Spoiler Warning: This post discusses Game of Thrones events through Season 6, Episode 9, and A Song of Ice and Fire book events and theories. Spoilers***


This coming Sunday’s extra-long Season 6 finale is expected to be jam-packed with excitement, especially since it’s directed by “Hardhome” and “Battle” maestro, Miguel Sapochnik. Just as with the penultimate hour, we have some desires — expectations — of what we might be seeing, and both “The Winds of Winter” preview and new photos released by HBO would seem to support our dreams. Here are the finale events we really, really want (need) to see.


  1. Davos Avenges Shireen’s Death.


In a just scenario, Melisandre would be burned at the stake for her part in Shireen’s cruel murder, but I don’t believe Jon would allow that to happen. Because of her seemingly fragile state, I’m not even sure the Red Priestess would put up a fuss or a fight; maybe her will to serve the Lord of Light would overcome. Would that Davos could simply do away with her, or that Snow would once again take up Longclaw; there has to be some sort of reckoning. My prediction is that, rather than order her death, Jon will banish Melisandre. That Shireen’s killing is addressed is a certainty.



2. A Brienne and Tormund Reunion.


Her mission to secure the Tully army for Sansa unfortunately failed, leaving Brienne and Podrick well on their way back to Lady Stark and Co. — the “Co.” being important here, since it includes Jon and a certain bloodthirsty gingerbeard with an appetite for de-throating.


Since we’ll definitely return to Sansa and Jon at Winterfell, there’s a chance Brienne will make her way there by season’s end.


It’s also possible she’ll be waylaid and run into a long-gone-but-not-ever-forgotten Lady, which leads us right to …


3. Finally, Lady Stoneheart Shows Up.


I know Benioff and Weiss think they’re that clever holding off all this time, but we fans have never lost hope. We always believed a resurrected Cat would someday return. The way and means may differ from the books a bit, but all signs point to a supersized (69 minutes!) surprise. Jaime’s headed to the Freys’, where Walder is sure to talk enough shit about her family that Lady S. will have no choice but to permanently shut his mouth. The stage has been set: Beric Dondarrion returned this season and leads the Brotherhood without Banners; Lem Lemoncloak did his part to remind us:

and references to Catelyn have been sprinkled throughout the sixth season. There is no time like the present for the past to reappear.


4. All That Talk of Wildfire and an “Unpleasant Surprise” Comes to Fruition.



Tyrion may have talked Dany down from burning cities, but there’s still the matter of another angry mother, who’s been making preparations just in case things didn’t go her way. And, thanks to the High Sparrow, Margaery, and King Tommen, they certainly haven’t. Her Mountainous trial by combat declared illegal, and knowing there’s no one else to save her from a terrible sentence, Cersei had Qyburn confirm the underground wildfire stores as “more, much more” than anyone suspected (the Mad King Aerys had hidden). Of the deaths we can reasonably expect: High Sparrow and a few smaller birds, as well as Septa Unella, Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones is off to play Danny Rand/Iron Fist on Netflix), and quite possibly young King Tommen as well. The bigger question is whether Jaime will make it back before Tyrion, that one of them (the prophesied “valonqar”) might wrap his hands around Cersei’s pale, white throat.




5. The Tower of Joy Scene Is Completed.


Hodor! (Hold the Door!) With all the recent Jon and Sansa hubbub, we’d nearly (not really) forgotten about Bran’s unfinished vision. With no Raven to hold him back, the (now) youngest Stark brother is bound to go back to see what happened when his young father went inside that tower. Of course, this is another long-awaited moment for book readers; confirmation of the R + L = J theory (are we still calling it that?). By now, even non-readers know there’s almost no chance Jon Snow is anything but a Targaryen, but it’ll be nice to have the show finally make the official confirmation. The one true surprise would be if we find out that Bran can actually affect things in his visions and, if so, would he? Will he? Could he go back to the moment he fell and lost his ability to walk? That’s crazy talk, right?

Bonus: Cleganebowl Happens.


Honestly, I don’t expect Cleganebowl — The Hound vs. The Mountain — but both brothers are listed at IMDb as appearing (that said, not always reliable) and, since we know The Hound was headed North, it’s not impossible. If he finally gets a chance to somehow best his brother (sneak attack?), we know our Hound would die a happy man.



Here are the rest of the promotional “Winds of Winter” photos:







The 69-minute Game of Thrones finale airs on HBO Sunday, June 26th, at 9 pm EST.


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