With Just 9 Magical Words, Bryan Fuller Keeps Our Hannibal Dreams Alive



“Well, hopefully, there’s life left in the cannibal yet.”

And, with those nine words, Hannibal creator and showrunner, Bryan Fuller, keeps our dreams alive. He may be quite busy with Showtime’s American Gods (with Gillian Anderson) and CBS’ next Star Trek installment but, just as we can’t, Fuller has not forgotten his masterpiece. In fact, he already has a fourth series ready to go.


There’s just one little hitch: TIME. We’ll have to wait until at least August of 2017: two years after the last show aired on NBC, Fuller and Co. can “investigate their options.” At that time, the character and story rights can be sussed out and, when actors’ schedules line up: “We’re ready to go, if somebody wants to go.”

Oh, I think I know who wants to go.

Fuller also called working with Mads Mikkelsen (Rogue One, Dr. Strange) and Hugh Dancy (currently psycho-ing it up on Hulu’s The Path) “… one of the most satisfying actor-showrunner relationships he’s ever had in this industry.”

Watch the whole conversation for yourself, and then join us …

… in our celebratory dancing.




Cindy Davis

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