Danger, Will Robinson: Who Should Play the Leads in Netflix’s Lost in Space Remake?


Before there was Battlestar Galactica — heck, even before there was Star Trek — there was a strange little television show called Lost in Space. And, before there were Cylons, there was The Robot; this robot,


who consistently spoke the iconic line, “Danger, Will Robinson”. Will Robinson was the Spock-ish, precocious, youngest child of the Robinson family, volunteers chosen as the first people to colonize a faraway planet. The family becomes stranded, thanks to a duplicitous stowaway — the nefarious, yet pathetic Dr. Smith — and thus begins the family’s galactic adventures. Like original-flavor Star Trek, the overly dramatic and often campy Lost in Space begs for a remake (I can’t speak to the 1998 film, but that it was Golden Raspberry nominated should tell you enough), and that Netflix handily picked up the project is a hopeful sign. Prison Break and The River producer, Zack Estrin will serve as showrunner, with Dracula Untold and Last Witch Hunter writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless on board, all they need is the right cast. As a card-carrying, major Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith fan


one — and, only one — actor immediately came to mind, and I’m here to tell you he is the exact right person to fill the role:


(There can be only one.) As Harris proved, the Smith role is key to this series; his purposefully overplayed, flamboyant, sniveling, screechy, screaming

“Doctor of Intergalactic Environmental Psychology” was the lifeblood of the series, and there is simply no better candidate to play up such a glorious character than Eddie Izzard (oh, how I wish Bryan Fuller had time for this one, too).

The second pair of actors Estrin needs to lock in (one is already a Netflix regular) — Dr. Smith’s yin and yang, the straight couple to his mockable seriousness — are a husband and wife team we already know and love:


Do it, Netflix! With Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler, both so excellent at mixing their dramatic and comedic sides, as Maureen and John Robinson, I can almost guarantee this series will be a hit.

Netflix expects to have Lost in Space ready to stream in 2018.

Cindy Davis

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