Is That Danny Zuko? Nah, Just Matthew McConaughey as The Dark Tower’s Man in Black

It’s all happening! After finally seeing the first images of Idris Elba in costume as Roland Deschain a month or so ago, here is Matthew McConaughey as Danny Zuko Tony Manero Randall Flagg aka The Man in Black (aka a bunch of other aliases). Seriously though, I really want MM to break out a few disco moves, or give us a few multiplyin’ chills, if you know what I mean.


Other than in that near smirk above, McConaughey stayed in (villainous) character; though we Stephen King fans were beginning to doubt the long rumored adaptation would ever actually happen (it’s been in the works since 2007), the time is finally upon us.

Idris was also spotted in the area, sporting a promotional cap Hopefully, the pair will soon be filming a scene together, which, when we see it will probably make our collective heads explode.



Check out more photos at ComingSoon, and all over Twitter; for now, I leave you with the Man in Black’s inspiration, and the hopes we’ll soon see some of McConaughey’s dance moves on the streets of NYC.



Nikolaj Arcel’s adaptation of The Dark Tower also stars Preacher‘s Jackie Earle Haley, Vikings‘ Katheryn Winnick, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Fran Kranz and Michael Barbieri. It hits theaters February, 2017

Cindy Davis

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