Sometimes It Takes an Englishman to Teach Us What’s Great About Being an American: Patrick Stewart Sings Cowboy Classics


Um, what?

While the statesiders among us celebrated our independence by blowing up shit — I mean, scaring the crap out of our nation’s dogs — and stuffing our faces with as much junk food and crap beer as we can in a single day,one of our favorite foreign friends was busy singing about what it truly means to be an American:  wrestling steer, celebrating Santa Claus and gringos and FREEDOM (can I get a “Yeeeeeehaaaaw”?). Don’t believe me?





Yeah, I don’t know what’s happening, either. As long as you can accept that you’re about to be scarred for life, you really should watch this — BUT  — only after you’ve had several beers (or your preferred psychotropic method). I can’t in good conscience recommend seeing it stone cold sober.

Did that really just happen?



I’m sorry to inform you Patrick Stewart’s Cowboy Classics is plum sold out.


Cindy Davis

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