Ron Moore Reveals Details on Outlander Seasons 2 and 3, Plus a Couple Cryptic Finale Clues from Cast and Crew


Outlander showrunner Ron Moore recently shared a wealth of information during a Twitter Q & A with fans. His responses covered everything from what music he listens to while working (movie soundtracks, Pirates of the Caribbean) to career aspirations as a child (pilot, lawyer) and his favorite books (C.S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower series). Having culled the pertinent responses, there are some cool details about what we can expect of Season 3, and an interesting insight into what we saw in “The Hail Mary“.

Wondering about where that nonsensical (non-novel-related) beating Jack Randall gave his dead brother, Alex came from?


Hmm…it’s certainly more understandable with that explanation, but I’d still rather have seen book Black Jack’s vulnerability.

Season 3, based on Diana Gabaldan’s Voyager, begins filming in Scotland this August or September.

Season 3 casting has yet to begin; when it does, Moore is excited about finding Fergus and Ian.

Of Season 3, he’s most looking forward to…

Moore also discussed some of the filming — ***Voyager BOOK Spoilers*** — in slightly more detail; it’s possible that some of Outlander‘s Starzsister series Black Sails sets will be shared:

Voyager is another another challenge, a different challenge, for the show. Fortunately that story at least begins in Scotland, so we don’t have to immediately switch to France like we did this year. But I know we’re not shooting solely in Scotland — we have to find a ship and a tank and facilities and sets and the whole nine yards to do a sea voyage, because there’s an extended sea voyage. They sail that ship around the Caribbean, then there’s a hurricane and shipwreck.”

Although parts of Voyager take place in the United States, the series will not yet travel to America:

Definitely in Scotland for S3. No decision beyond that.”


Being a girl who loves, loves, loves the ocean, I’m quite excited both to read Voyager and to see Outlander‘s third season play out on the high seas. But, before either of those things happen, we’ll all be watching the July 9th 90-minute Season 2 finale; I leave you with a Bonnie Prince’s (aka Andrew Gower) cryptic “Dragonfly in Amber “clues,

I am going to give you very short, mysterious clues — wax, an unfinished battle, and more God. It is going to be a great, great episode. Not to be missed.”

as well as Sam Heughan’s and Outlander EP Maril Davis’ (tissue and whiskey required) comments.




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