Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings: If Game of Thrones Were a Romantic Comedy Series…


Nestled in between resurrected and suicidal sons, in between the rewritten Tower of Joy skirmish and a Battle tipped by a daughter’s secret request for aid, were more than a few comedic moments — and some tinged with delightful flirting. Heck, even a crusty Wildling’s heart pitter-pattered over the idea of finding love with a stunningly gorgeous knight. If Game of Thrones were a romantic comedy, there are more than ample possible pairings, and plenty writers’ angles to explore. For the purposes of this particular would-that-they-were, here are seven admirers for seven others; some already hinted, and others entirely dreamed up.

The Ones We Know Will End Up Together Forever:  Dany and Yara



From the moment they saw each other across the room and shared their first words, Daenerys and Yara recognize in each other a strength and a softness that no man has ever given — could ever give — them. It’s love at first sight, and after an appropriate (read:  the amount of time they can stand to keep their love secret) courtship and conquering the North together, the couple throw a wedding party that history demands be recorded in detail. Unfortunately, GRRM is predictably behind in his writings.


The Deniers:  Jaime and Bronn



Though they’ve each claimed to be attracted only to women, every time Bronn and Jaime are together alone they simply can’t help themselves; the sparks fly, the one-liners flow, and we’re perpetually left in will-they-or-won’t-they hell.


The Unexpected Pairing We Instantly Adore:  Lady Olenna and The Hound


After a chance encounter in King’s Landing — the last of the Tyrells comes to collect whatever might be left of her family’s remains (she finds nothing), and the Hound defeats his dastardly brother in the throwdown of the century (a surprise attack, to be fair to the MountainMonster) — a crusty old soul wins the heart of a true lady with persistence and charm.


The Ones We Root For:  Grey Worm and Missandei



Theirs is an emotional connection that won’t be denied, and despite physical limitations, Missandei refuses to give up on the proud and stubborn Grey Worm. He desperately tries to push away his one true love, hoping for her to have a better, more fulfilling life. She waivers between anger that “my little inchworm” won’t just let her love him and pushing against his defensive wall. We happily suffer alongside them.


The Accidental Lovers:  Original Daario and Daario 2.0


Competing for the heart of a Khaleesi, two warriors spend several seasons futilely trying to win over Daenerys, oblivious to her Yara affection. When finally they figure out their queen is already taken, the boys realize their own feelings and in a climactic season finale, two Daarios become one.


The Unrequited Love:  Tyrion and Varys




We know that they know that everyone knows they want to be together, and yet…they remain nothing more than besties forever. Tyrion goes through romance after romance, with feasts of brothel ladies in between; Varys remains alone. And we, like he, suffer through the unspoken moments shared, dreaming of a love that can never be fulfilled.


The Attraction That Can’t Be Denied:   Tormund and Brienne





Though she fights her feelings every single step of the way, catches herself fantasizing and dreaming, Brienne holds out until the series’ penultimate episode… Her commitments to Sansa over, rewarded with her own house and lands, the maiden fair comes to understand her mild flirtations with Jaime (who’s fighting his own internal battles) are just and only that. Realizing she’s foolishly denied her reciprocal animal attraction to Lustybane, Brienne and Tormund give us the bedroom scene we’ve all longed for, and a love story for the ages.

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