Which Outlander Character Will Make a Surprise Finale Return?


***Spoiler Warning: This post contains MAJOR BOOK SPOILERS for Dragonfly in Amber, as well as probable Outlander series spoilers through the Season 2 finale. Spoilers*** 


In all the excitement over this Saturday’s 90-minute finale, most of us have been thinking about the idea of Claire and Jamie being separated, a pregnant Claire going back (forward in time) to Frank and raising Jamie’s child with him, how on earth Claire can live with Frank — who looks exactly like Black Jack Randall — on a daily basis, and some of the very spoiler-y finale pictures that have been published. Even after finishing reading the end of the second novel, I hadn’t really thought about a certain character returning until today, when I read this little tease:

The … finale won’t just conclude this season’s Scottish rebellion storyline, it’ll reunite fans with a shockingly familiar face from the series!

Need a clue? The finale will pick up in 1968, 20 years after Claire first returned through the stones to be with Frank and this mystery character will have a key part in helping Claire reconcile what happened centuries earlier during the Battle of Culloden.

Again, here come the ***Spoilers*** — last warning.

It only took a moment to confirm the episode cast (and of course it’s not hard for readers to figure out), but there was also a clue way back in Season 1’s “The Devil’s Mark”, when Claire was nearly killed for being a witch and saved by her friend’s sacrifice.


That moment revealed to Claire that Gellis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek) was a fellow time-traveler. As I mentioned, readers know that, during parts of Dragonfly in Amber, Claire is in Scotland circa 1968, the exact year Gellis had traveled from. Toward the end of the book, Claire and a couple of characters we’re about to meet in the finale go looking for the woman Claire believes will turn out to be her time-traveling-friend. That woman is “Jillian Edgars,” played by Verbeek and listed in the episode credits. You’ll also notice another bit of finale castingBraveheart‘s James Robinson as Jillian’s heavy-drinking husband, Greg Edgars. So, there we have it: mystery solved.

In closing, I’ll leave you with a couple of gorgeous photos of two other long-awaited Outlander characters: Claire and Jamie’s grown daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton), and the adult version of this little fella (played by Rory Burns), last seen in “Through a Glass Darkly”:



Meet Brianna Randall Mackenzie Fraser and Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin):



“Dragonfly in Amber” airs on Starz Saturday, July 9th, at 9 pm EST.

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