3 Wonderfully Delicious Tidbits to Get You Through Till Friday


The longest day of the week aside from Monday, this Thursday bridge to refreshments, recreation, and relaxation (unless you’re a party-every-day kinda person, in which case, lucky you) seems to last forever. Entertainment news is rife with Emmy-related musings, but careful sifting through the interwebbical mazes can be rewarding: here are the tasty tidbits I’ve cobbled together for your perusing pleasure.

That gorgeous header image of Rey was posted by Daisy Ridley to commemorate Star Wars: Episode VIII finishing filming. At the wrap party, Luke Skywalker himself (aka Mark Hamill) shared a portion of the celebration, featuring omnipresent dancing Stormtroopers:

I mean, what can we do but dance along?



You’re probably already upset about all the original cast members leaving Hamilton; but let’s get excited for Renee Elise Goldsberry, who’s headed for Netflix with Joel Kinnaman and Game of Thrones director extraordinaire Miguel Sapochnik. The actress just signed on to Altered Carbon, where she’ll play rebellion leader (and Takeshi Kovacs’s [Kinnaman] great love) Quellcrist Falconer.

Finally, there’s excellent news for comedy fans — especially me (so picky!) — and Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, whose fantastic collaboration Catastrophe was just renewed for Seasons 3 and 4 by UK’s Channel 4 and Amazon.


If, due to some tragedy — the only acceptable reason for not having seen this biting, caustic, hilarious series — you haven’t yet watched Rob and Sharon’s whirlwind relationship play out and have not met this fantastic guy …

chris … holy gods, are you in for a treat. WATCH IT, NOW (two seasons). And, then, sit and wait with me for Season 3 (we’ll be able to catch Horgan’s Divorce on HBO in between).

Cindy Davis

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