What is Happening with Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal?


Jake Gyllenhaal and THE SWINTON have been caught on camera all over Manhattan this week, and, before you start talking about how they’re the best mismatched couple you’ve ever seen or wondering if they just like to hang out and do karaoke together … STOP! Because, no, they’re not the new Hiddleswift; they’re just working on our latest obsession: the next Joon-ho Bong film.


And not only are they in fabulous costumes, but Swinton and Gyllenhaal will also be joined in this science fiction monster horror (genregasm) movie by another of the Snowpiercer director’s exhilarating parade of excellent and eclectic actors:

Giancarlo Esposito


Paul Dano


Shirley Henderson


Daniel Henshall


Kelly Macdonald


Steven Yeun (one more reason things are not looking good for TWD‘s Glenn)


and Seo-Hyeon Ahn


Joon-ho Bong calls Okjatale of “warm friendship between a country girl (Seo-Hyeon Ahn’s Mija) and a brute with stories. To me, the crazy world surrounding Okja and the girl looks more like a monster. I want to depict the two characters’ bizarre journey and adventure across the tough world in an original fashion.” For reasons unknown, a multinational corporate giant wants to kidnap Okja — Mija’s best friend — and she aims to protect the bulky beast who has a “mild and kind spirit.” “I want to show the beauty that can exist between man and animal, and also the horror between them.”

Now, if only we could figure out what Gyllenhall’s presumably terrible plan is, other than to terrify the child with crazy getups and creepy faces.




Luckily, Mija has kindly princess Tilda by her side …


… or is the Swinton hiding her Snowpiercer teeth behind the smile?


Okja also stars Lily Collins, Devon Bostick, and Woo-sik Choi. It premieres on Netflix, and in limited theaters next year.

(photos via Netflix and TDM)

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