Norman Reedus Pulls a Glorious Prank on His Obviously Still-Alive Walking Dead Pal


Norman Reedus is a funny guy. He likes to goof around, lick his friends, and play silly pranks on them: at the end of one season, he had Andrew Lincoln’s trailer filled with chickens. Lincoln is no innocent, either. I imagine life around TWD is tense enough with all those zombies running — walkering — around and, in contrast, Reedus’ latest surprise is rather low-key … but it’s still a glorious one that seems just enough to rattle Lincoln at the end of a long, hot day.

Glitter attack successful ?

A video posted by norman reedus (@bigbaldhead) on

Magical, no? FTR, this is a prank anyone can pull on me anytime.

Despite myriad theories about multiple Negan-inflicted deaths and the ever-present fan threats to riot if Daryl Dixon is ever killed off, I believe we can safely say two of our favorite gentlemen are alive and somewhat well. But, as the actor who plays a certain comic victim takes on more outside jobs, it seems almost certain he’s a goner.

Now, let’s forget about all that and concentrate on Andrew Lincoln’s gorgeous salt and peppered beardiness. Everybody say: “Aaaaah ….”


The Walking Dead, Lincoln, and Reedus return to AMC for the seventh season October 6th.

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