With a Fresh Batch of Season 7 Posters, The Walking Dead Feeds All Our Paranoia


Today kicks off San Diego Comic-Con 2016, so you can look for your favorite shows to start ramping up their advertising. To wit: AMC and The Walking Dead have released a set of posters hailing the series’ October return, and specifically messing with our paranoid brains. WHOM DID NEGAN KILL? Honestly, at this point, does it even matter? We love nearly every character (not you, Gabriel), and, no matter who or how many of them dies by Negan’s trusty Lucille, our stomachs will gurgle and sink. There are two people I personally feel are pretty darned safe, not out of fear the audience will revolt, but simply because they feel necessary. And whatever we might think of Gimple and Co., they’re not exactly George R. R. Martin, and this isn’t Game of Thrones. Do I think, someday, it’s possible they’ll kill Rick or Daryl? Absolutely. Do I think the time for either is nigh? Absolutely not. But TWD likes messing with peoples’ heads, so here are our boys, seemingly in DANGER.





Yeah, we don’t think so. The rest of these folks, though? Could be. My money’s on Glenn for certain, possibly Abraham, and possibly Maggie. Almost certainly, Maggie will lose the baby, simply because Judith is one tiny person enough for the official babysitter. Speaking of: I don’t see Carl going anywhere, either. He just got blinded, for crying out loud.


Still, here’s AMC with Carl’s poster (thankfully, we’re spared a Judith poster):


Rumor has it that all the characters Negan rounded up have filmed a death scene, so that even the actors don’t know who’ll make the final … bat, and the posters support that theory:






I still feel good about Michonne, despite her seemingly prescient conversation with Carl …


… Abraham, I confess that I’m worried for you, man.


The Season 7 trailer premieres at SDCC tomorrow, so we’ll keep our eyes and ears open in the hopes East Coasters won’t be far behind. That said, these people are going to torment us with non-clues all the way to the series’ October return.



Cindy Davis

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