Lets Play ‘Dead or Alive?’ with the Walking Dead‘s Season 7 Trailer

7-22 ezeke

Big news continues to pour out of San Diego Comic-Con, and some of the biggest came via the AMC panel for The Walking Dead.

Most important was the Season 7 trailer. If you aren’t caught up, first watch; then, we’ll discuss.

The whole thing starts as an extension of the posters released earlier this week that depict every character you care about on their knees, waiting to see if they will be chosen to taste the barbed wire on Negan’s bat, Lucille, and it just gets more heartbreaking from there.

7-22 Daryl

We get tender retrospectives of all these characters, followed by the image of that blasted bat dripping with the blood of somebody we love.

7-22 carol

Carol is alive, which is good, because there were some doubts there. Morgan and Emo Enid are still kicking, much to the chagrin of … everybody. We catch up on the dangers faced by the characters who went on maternity leave a supply run.

7-22 zeke

Plus, there’s a slew of new faces, like King Ezekiel, his pretty little kitty, and the rest of the knights of the Kingdom; more folks from Negan’s group, and frustratingly little else.

Sure there are backs of heads and jawlines, and I’m sure dedicated Redditors are going to examine those frames more closely than the Zapruder film, and they’ll determine who ends up on the business end of that bat. Given that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are still pranking each other on set, odds are good they made it through. But everyone else, not so sure. My money is on Abraham. But given some other news we’ll follow up on today, my psychic abilities are on shaky ground.

Side note: Also, for you few remaining Fear The Walking Dead fans, first: shame on you. Second, there was a trailer for it today, too.


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