DC Trots Out Looks at Wonder Woman, Justice League, and Suicide Squad

7-23 justinside

Over the last couple of days, The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD, and a number of other pop culture staples have trotted out shiny new pictures and videos over the last couple of days at San Diego Comic-Con.

DC Comics/Warner Bros. took their turn on Saturday with a big task at hand. Batman vs. Superman wasn’t the gigantic hit at the box office that everyone was expecting, and the blame was pinned on the fact it was a humorless mess of a story told in the grayest way one can imagine.

I will have to say that all three clips did a decent job making BvS a distant memory. Strongest was the trailer for the 2017 release of Wonder Woman:

It goes without saying that, by the time next year ends, we all might be nurturing a brand new Gal Gadot fetish.

Next was a sizzle reel from Justice League, which sees Battfleck trying to put the band together.

Kudos to injecting a little life into the scenes by letting Ben Affleck be a bit of a smartass. I do wonder if there is something wrong with Zack Snyder’s eyes, however. Dude sucks the color out of every frame. Let’s compare interior shots from Wonder Woman, which is directed by Patty Jenkins and Snyder’s Justice League:

 Wonder Woman7-23 color

Justice League

7-23 gray

This is not a fluke. While the action is dynamic from this Justice League GIF, it looks sepia toned and flat.

7-23 actiong

Especially next to Wonder Woman making a similar move in her solo movie.

7-23 actionc

I hope someone gives Snyder a comic other than a trade paperback so he can see that super hero comic books are born from a world of color.

Speaking of colorful movies, the extended clip for SDCC audiences of Suicide Squad got yet another soundtrack remix and a healthier dose of Will Smith.

I’m pretty sold on Suicide Squad (which hits theaters in two weeks) and it’s going to be fascinating to see what kind of bump Margot Robbie gets out of this. She already has a fair amount of respect from smaller parts in other movies, but Suicide Squad could be a real superstar-making turn for her.



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