Jodie Foster and Melissa McCarthy Stole the Young Han Solo Auditions


From Conan’s Team Coco, here’s a quickie before you jump in bed tonight … a quick funny, that is. This mostly stupid reel of comedy talent doing fake auditions to play young Han Solo in the Star Wars anthology film does have a couple of high points (*cough* women *cough*). Riffing off that Hollywood Reporter piece that claimed basically every actor in Hollywood was auditioning for the part, everyone from Ghostbusters’ Melissa McCarthy to a couple Valley boys, and from our beloved Jeff Goldblum to that idiot Sandler (seriously, just FF through him), everyone gives their best worst Harrison Ford impressions (Hader’s Jabba is a thing of beauty).

Unsurprisingly, the ladies win it all.







And that’s why Alden Ehrenreich got the part. Simple!


Cindy Davis

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