Marvel Studios Names Its Captain Marvel, Teases Future Releases

7-24 larson

Not to be outdone by its rivals over at DC Comics, Marvel Studios put on its own gala presentation in the big room at San Diego Comic-Con and the biggest news, of course, came at the end.

The Guardians of the Galaxy panel was wrapping up and the studio honcho brought out Brie Larson, who, last month, was tabbed as Marvel’s first choice and odds-on favorite to play Captain Marvel.

7-24 cap

The crowd went bananas, and rightly so. This is a big get for Marvel, like Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games big. Despite the accolades she’s already earned, Larson’s star is very much on the rise. The Marvel checks and back-end points are going to free Larson to star in even more Oscar-nominated fare and each turn of the wheel will make her bigger and bigger.

But Larson’s announcement was just the icing on the many-tiered cake that Marvel laid out during the day.

7-24 strange

Doctor Strange was the only film that actually showed a trailer and, if this second teaser is any indication of what the final film will look like, this is going to be one trippy movie.

The character comes by the mind-bending visuals honestly, since the artist most closely associated with Doctor Strange, Jim Steranko, is celebrated for his psychedelic style.

The trailer also featured a healthy dose of Mads:

7-24 mads

And a cool trick from the good doctor himself:

7-24 cape

Doctor Strange hits theaters in November.

7-24 panther

Black Panther‘s already impressive cast somehow just got better. We’ve already seen Chadwick Boseman’s impressive chops in the title role and the full cast gets more extraordinary from there.

It looks like Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o are going to be some of the villains in this one. The big surprise was that The Walking Dead‘s Michonne, Danai Gurira, will play the leader of the Wakandan royal guard.

7-24 thor

The big Thor reveal didn’t even happen inside the hall. Outside was a display of Hulk-sized gladiator armor from the film.

7-24 armor

There was a classic Hulk story called World War Hulk, where the Big Guy gets sent off-planet to an alien world where he can’t do as much damage. One thing leads to another and Hulk becomes this great gladiator. It’s something that fans have wanted to see since the first Hulk movie and, while it isn’t a stand-alone feature, it’s still going to be cool to see.

7-24 gotg


Other than Michael Rooker attending the GoTGv2 panel in full Yondu makeup, the most buzz was about Kurt Russell’s role in the next film.

The initial speculation about Russell playing Star Lord’s father did pan out, but with a twist. Russell will be Quill’s father, and he’s also going be Ego the Living Planet. This is just insane enough to have us drooling over whatever else has sprung from James Gunn’s brain.


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