Sherlock, Series 4 Trailer: Moriarty, The Sign of the Four and Who is Toby Jones’ Villain?


***Spoilers: Spoilers for Sherlock through Series 3 ahead. Spoilers***



Is that you, Toby?


No, not you, Mr. Jones; we’d recognize you anywhere. We mean Toby the dog from Arthur Conan Coyle’s The Sign of the Four, presumably that gorgeous bloodhound pictured with Benedict Cumberbatch (header photo) in the BBC’s first Sherlock, Series 4, promotion. The clues seem ripe for this particular retelling to heavily involve the fabulous Amanda Abbington’s Mary Morstan, although the timeline of her meeting and marrying Martin Freeman’s John Watson is slightly altered. If Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are headed in that story direction, could it be that Toby … Jones is playing Jonathan Small?

Aside from new mysteries, we’re still trying to figure out what — how — Andrew Scott’s wicked Moriarty (who I still think is the third Holmes brother) pulled off that finale stunt:


… whether he’s really still alive, or somehow found a way to mess with Sherlock from beyond. After this amusing contest Gatiss and Moffat set up to choose who got to go to San Diego Comic-Con 2016:

… those wicked showrunners finally released a trailer for Series 4, which Amanda Abbington calls “the darkest season Steven and Mark have written.”

Let’s see; Mary has a gun:


Molly’s pissed:


John’s as sarcastic as ever:


… and Sherlock’s getting his arse kicked all over the place (gives new meaning to *headdesk*):


We can’t wait … until 2017! *sob*


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