An Open Plea to The Flippist to Continue His Stranger Things Love Story


***Spoilers: Minor Spoilers for Stranger Things ahead, flipbook style. Spoilers***

Toothless Dustin!!! Lucas! Eleven!

Y’all know how much we at Oohlo loved the Duffer brothers’ Stranger Things, and we’re not even close to being the only ones. I want posters and cups and why hasn’t someone marketed a Dustin toothbrush, yet, huh? While we’re sitting around, waiting for Season 2, The Flippist, aka Ben Zurawski, created his own love story, a flipbook dedicated to the series. With a little twist on the series’ E.T./Spielberg homage, Zurawski’s adorable animation only leaves us salivating for more. See for yourself!

Okay, this simply cannot end here. I want so many other parts of the story in animated form! My request is simple: Please, please, Ben, won’t you make more of your stunning animations? Your drawings are gorgeous, and you’ve done a brilliant job of capturing the characters. Heck, maybe Matt and Ross Duffer would like to talk fully animating their series (YO, NETFLIX!), because I guarantee that we all would watch (and by “we all,” I’m pretty sure I mean the entire world). This lovely tribute needs to continue, and might I also suggest a poster or two? Surely you can hear imagine our salivating (gross!) across the interwebs?

Please and thank you!

Sincerely, and now with less drool …



All photos and images via The Flippist

Cindy Davis

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