The Persistence of Memory: Will Claire Carré’s Embers be This Year’s Breakout Science Fiction Film?


If you loved Christopher Nolan’s Memento (and who didn’t?), chances are you’ll be all in for Claire Carré’s Embers, which also plays with memory; what exactly does it mean to have continuous recall vs. the old Groundhog Day syndrome? This award-winning — most notably, Best Feature Film at Sci-Fi London — debut feature stars Jason Ritter and Iva Gocheva as “Guy” and “Girl,” who wake up each day, slates wiped clean, yet feeling like they know each other … and somehow belong together. Father and daughter Miranda (Roberto Cots, Greta Fernández) have somehow retained memory, but freedom is restricted. Other survivors of a global viral epidemic aimlessly wander the apocalyptic landscape with varying degrees of awareness or amnesia; partial memories just as haunting as none. How do people carry on or start lives anew after a disaster with only fragments and puzzle bits remaining day to day? Have a peek at this tantalizing trailer that likewise reveals only pieces of its picture and leaves us wondering what’s truly going on:

Luckily for us, we don’t have to wait six months or a year to get our answers: Embers is available on iTunes and VOD today, and showing in limited theaters beginning August 5th.

(Also starring Dominique Swain, Tucker Smallwood, Karl Glusman, Matthew Goulish, Silvan Friedman, Derrick Aguis, Brandon Bowens and Ryan Czerwonko.)


Cindy Davis

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