TWD, Outlander, True Detective, Harry Potter, Star Wars Alumni: Check Out the Incredible Cast of Amazon’s Britannia


This. Is. Insane.

Well, the cast of Amazon/Sky UK’s Brittania is insane; the period drama charting the Aulus Plautius-led Roman invasion of Britain in 43 A.D. is already on our must-see list, largely because of its amazing actors. I may have been a latecomer to The Borgias, The Tudors, and Vikings, but I’m no less enthusiastic a period piece fan than the rest of you. And there’s an absolute powerhouse of talent heading our way.

Written by Jez Butterworth (Edge of Tomorrow, Black Mass), Tom Butterworth (Fortitude), and Richard McBrien (MI-5, Merlin), Brittania will be filmed in Prague and Wales. The film focuses on Celtic female warriors who lead the resistance against Plautius’ forces. Butterworth describes the series setup:

Besides being hard, hard warriors, the Celts have a belief system which makes them almost invincible. It’s a deep, heavy magic. Last time the Romans tried to invade, the mighty Julius Caesar took one look, turned round and went straight home. Now, almost a century later, the Romans are back.

Here we have a war between two pantheons — the Roman gods vs. the Celtic gods …. And we see it all from a human perspective, of individual survival, ambition, courage, lust, loss, revenge.

Now, take a gander at this mind-bogglingly, glorious cast.

Kelly Reilly (True Detective, Black Box, Sherlock Holmes) as Kerra


David Morrissey (The Walking Dead, Extant, Doctor Who, Red Riding) as Aulus

May0053725 Daily Telegraph - ** for features check with Kate Mayger before use** Actor David Morrissey, London WC1 13/03/14

Zoë Wanamaker (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Agatha Christie: Poirot, Doctor Who, My Family) as Queen Antedia


Stanley Weber (Outlander, Borgia) as Lindon


Hugo Speer (The Musketeers, Father Brown, The Full Monty, The Interpreter, Bleak House) as Lucius

Hugo Speer

Nikolaj Lie Kaas (The Killing (Danish), Follow the Money, Men and Chicken, Child 44) as Divis

Nikolaj Lie Kaas

Gershwyn Eustache Jnr (Starred Up, Fortitude, Legends) as Vitus


Julian Rhind-Tutt (The Bastard Executioner, Banished, The Hour, Lucy) as Phelan

Julian Rhind-Tutt

Ian McDiarmid as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine King Pellenor


(Is it just me, or could he be Thom Yorke’s father?)


All in? ALL IN.

Britannia will be available Amazon and Sky UK in 2017.


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