Here’s Exactly Who Should Play Outlander’s Lord John William Grey


Hold your screaming just a minute!

***Spoilers ahoy: Spoilers for Outlander through Season 2 follow, including light character description from Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager novel. Spoilers***

As confirmed by Outlander ‘s executive producer Maril Davis, the hunt for Season 3’s version of Lord John William Grey is on, but, really, they needn’t bother. I’ve already found him! Played by Oscar Kennedy in Season 2 — the young lad whose life Jamie spared:

9/ sc 40 int Fraser camp William Grey is captured by Jamie, he reveals camps whereabout

… and who, in turn, ensured Jamie’s life was later spared (which viewers discovered alongside Claire and Brianna in the Season 2 finale) will return in Season 3 … slightly older. Described in Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager as 26 and blond, the pool of correctly aged and accented actors who could play John Grey is smaller than you might think. Sure, they could go with someone slightly older or younger, change hair or eye color, and risk fan ire as they seem to have with their choice of Sophie Skelton (but that’s another story; give the girl some time to warm up!), but, as I mentioned, there’s no need. A perfect candidate already exists.

Avengers fans will recognize this actor immediately; he played the ** Age of Ultron Spoiler** ill-fated, gone-too-quickly Quicksilver:


… capturing a kazillion hearts in the blink of an eye. He’s gorgeous, talented, and as …



… you …



… can …


… see …


Aaron Taylor-Johnson easily rocks a variety of looks.


His emoting skills are obvious; fitting in with the rest of this should-be-Emmy-winning crowd won’t be a problem.



ATJ is exactly 26. He’s known, but still in a rising-star kind of way, and he has that look that transcends time. In other words, he’s Outlander‘s perfect Lord John Grey.



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