Here’s Exactly Who Should Play Star Trek: Discovery‘s Female Lieutenant Commander


Let’s get this out of the way: I know, I know; it’s on CBS! But it’s also Bryan Fuller, and just look what he did with Hannibal on NBC; nobody could have imagined THAT.


CBS aside, it’s time to talk casting. There is a perfect person to lead the U.S.S. Discovery.

Gillian Anderson would, should, and could be the best lieutenant commander any Star Trek series has ever had and, if not for her commitment to Starz’ American Gods, Fox’s X-Files, Season 11 (WHY GOD, WHY?), The Fall, and whatever else she’s up to, I can’t imagine Bryan Fuller not asking her.


PLEASE, MR. FULLER, ASK HER! I’m sure she can make time to lead a Star Trek fleet.


Now, how do we even know Discovery will have a female lieutenant commander? Because the man himself — Fuller — made it so … known at the series’ Television Critics Association panel, and he also gave a few more excellent details about the series that might just be the first watchable CBS outing in years (your loss, NBC):

There’s an event in Star Trek history and Star Fleet that had been talked about but never fully explored. We’re set in the Prime universe, 10 years before Captain Kirk. We have the opportunity to bridge the gap between the Enterprise and the original series and really help us redefine the visual style of Star Trek. 

Discovery will star 7 diverse leads and will include a gay character and more aliens than previous Star Trek casts:

Star Trek started with a wonderful expression of diversity in its cast: a Russian, a black woman, an Asian, a Vulcan … we’re continuing that tradition and our lead of the show is going to be subject of that same level of who is the best actor and what can we say about diversity in every role we’ll have on the show. We wanted to paint a picture of Star Fleet that’s indicative of encountering people who are much more different than we are.

The Commander herself may be multiform/diverse:

We’re going deep into something that was for me always very tantalizing, and [we’re telling] that story through a character who is on a journey that is going to teach her how to get along with others in the galaxy. For her to truly understand something that is alien, she has to first understand herself.

I wonder if Fuller isn’t hinting the lead could be biracial. Might I suggest a certain incredible Game of Thrones‘ actress who’d be perfect in such a lead role?


THR also reports other sources confirm an openly gay actor will play a male lead (Fuller verified that), and Discovery will feature female and male admirals, a British doctor, and a Klingon captain.

Finally, as if we didn’t already utterly adore Bryan Fuller, this little tidbit about made our hearts explode. At the end of the panel, the showrunner asked the audience to hold hands, “make a promise to leave this room with love, to leave this room with hope, to leave this room and take responsibility to craft a path to Gene Roddenberry’s vision.”


Cindy Davis

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