When Harry Potter Worlds Collide: Two Adorable Ron Weasleys Meet for the First Time


With J.K. Rowling and Jack Thorne’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in full swing — and extended through May 2017 — at London’s Palace Theater, the Harry Potter movie actors have one-by-one been making their way to the theater to catch their counterparts in action. I can’t even imagine what a mind fork that is, but who cares? Look how adorable Paul Thornley (especially that header photo) is meeting Rupert Grint! AH-FREAKIN-DORABLE.


Grint with the whole cast:


A while back, Emma Watson met the play’s Hermione Granger, Noma Dumezweni. The ladies seemed to really hit it off.



Me, I’m dying to read those notes on the wall, but even blown up, I can’t quite read them.


And here’s Professor Horace Slughorn, aka Jim Broadbent, having a night at the theater.


Next up: when Harry met … Harry?

I want to go sooo badly! We state-siders (and Canadians) may get our chance; rumor has it that there are already negotiations to bring Cursed Child to Broadway’s Shubert Theater ongoing, with a possible stopover in Toronto, first.


(All photos via Twitter)

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