5 Actresses Who Should Answer The Walking Dead‘s New Casting Call for a Gender-Bending Season 7 Role


***Spoilers: This post contains mild spoilers for The Walking Dead comic and, possibly, the series’ 7th Season. Spoilers***

Hey, remember about a week ago when we were talking about those odd -ooking walkers that snuck into TWD‘s latest trailer? They look a bit different from our regular zombie friends — because they are different. In fact, they’re not walkers at all; they’re another straight-from-the-comic group called The Whisperers.


The Whisperers are actually living people who pose as walkers, and while that sounds like a smart tactic (Rick & Co. have hidden themselves in guts to walk among the dead a time or two), The Whisperers are yet another nefarious gang who aren’t only interested in protecting themselves. They also — like Alexandria — have a female leader and, from this poorly disguised casting call notice, I think we can safely assume that Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple are preparing to introduce Alpha:


toward the end of Season 7. Via The Spoiling Dead Fans, here’s the casting call notice for “Brion:”

30s-early 40s, Male or Female, any ethnicity. Think Tilda Swinton, David Bowie, Annie Lennox. Brion is an educated, pokerfaced leader who has a superior air and does not let his/her motives be known. Brion uses as few words as possible and keeps his/her emotions in check — we do see amusement, annoyance, displeasure — Brion just doesn’t wear their emotions on their sleeve; he/she is confident, quiet, and chiefly concerned with how anything may benefit him/her and those he/she knows … RECURRING GUEST STAR – EPISODES 710 (8/26-9/7), 712 (9/20-9/29), possibly 715 (10/26-11/4), and 716 (11/7-11/17)

Now, while it would obviously be super cool for Annie Lennox to pull a Henry Rollins (Sons of Anarchy) — who, BTW, would have been the ultimate Negan — the odds on actually getting her or The SWINTON are pretty slim. But there are a few great actresses who could perfectly pull off the Alpha role.

Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones, Elementary, The Tudors)


Maggie Q (Nikita, Stalker, Designated Survivor)


Anna Torv (Fringe, Secret City, Mind Hunter)


Rutina Wesley (Hannibal, True Blood, Arrow, Queen Sugar)


Michelle Rodriguez (Fast & Furious, Lost)

Fast And Furious 6

Of these five, Rodriguez’s schedule is the clearest, but, since the current call is for only a handful of appearances, there’s no reason any one of them couldn’t squeeze in a guest-starring role. Personally, I’d love to see Maggie Q messing with people’s minds, but I have a soft spot for all these ladies and any one of them would be an excellent addition to The Walking Dead cast.

T-minus 9-ish weeks until the seventh season premieres on AMC, October 23rd.

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