Rewatching Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s First Season May Have Yielded a Nifty Breaking Bad One-Two Punch


Love me or leave me, I’m an unabashed Curb Your Enthusiasm fan. If you have to leave now, that’s cool. I get it. The Curb version of Larry David is one of the most cringe-worthy characters you might know (be?) some version of in real life — to the nth degee — an over-the-top, self-righteous, self-involved jackass, but I can’t help loving and finding bits of truth in his obnoxiousness. He’s the guy you hope and believe you could never be, and then you recognize some thought he voices as one you’ve had yourself. Lest I quickly run you off: no, not every thought … but at least a few. All that to say that the episodes are as rewatchable (if not more) than Seinfeld reruns and, every now and again, I pop back in for a visit. As with Seinfeld, over the course of eight seasons, Larry brought in myriad guest stars, and it’s fun to rediscover actors you mightn’t have realized had been on the series. Plenty of people have noticed Seinfeld’s connection to Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, and Bob Odenkirk have all guest-starred. Last night, I think I found the Curb connection.

Season 1, Episode 3 (2001), is called “Porno Gil” and features a much younger Bob Odenkirk as the titular Gil, dinner party host …


… and amusing adult film star, whose talents Larry is caught watching by his buddy Jeff’s parents.



No matter, really; they already despised Larry after overhearing him refer to his wife, Cheryl, as “Hitler,” not to mention Larry’s declining to have a peek at Jeff’s kid at the end of a visit. Porn was merely Larry’s noted but unnecessary third strike.

The very next episode (S1E4), “The Bracelet”, finds Larry ignoring Cheryl when she returns from a trip because he’s watching the last two minutes of a football game. Obviously, this gets him into the kind of trouble only new jewelry can fix (GAH), so Larry dutifully heads to a store where Cheryl recently admired a bracelet. Because of his dress and a run-in with a homeless guy, the jewelry store employees obviously think Larry is homeless and refuse to open the door (HOMELESS-IST!). And, if I’m not crazy, you should recognize the uncredited jewelry clerk.



Unless I’m crazy*, that’s Anna Gunn, no?


I’ll be continuing my Curb rewatch, so stay tuned for other series connections we may have missed.

*I totally might be crazy.

Cindy Davis

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