Joshua Jackson Just Made the Only Acceptable Move After His Breakup with Diane Kruger


Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson were one of the last celebrity dream couples. They weren’t married, but they’d been together ten years. Following Kruger’s short marriage when she was 25, the actress said she didn’t really believe in the institution, but we believed in their union. So it was more than crushing when the pair announced in July that they’d split.

It’s only August, so if this was anyone else, I’d be the first to raise up arms (HE WOULD TOO CARE!) against Jackson dating again, especially after, only a few days ago, JJ and Kruger were back in each others’ arms at LAX.



But, alas, that was a just friends kind of hug.

You see, Joshua has his eye on someone else …


… OH






jjrwout(photos via TDM)

In case you’ve somehow not recognized the person with JJ, that’s Jackson’s The Affair co-star and Luther favorite, Ruth Wilson. According to sources at their NYC East Village restaurant, the pair were together there for 8 HOURS, after which they may have *coughgonetoahoteltogethercough*.


Suddenly, I’m okay with Joshua dating again. Heck, even the waiter is happy about this development.


At the risk of outing myself as overly invested, I’m rooting for this new dream team.



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