Meet Outlander‘s Season 3 Lord John William Grey



Well, once again, the casting agents have overlooked my recommendation, but, barring terrible acting skills, can we really complain? Never mind, don’t answer that; I’ve already seen the mass first reactions to the introduction of Outlander‘s Bree (give the poor girl a chance!). As announced by EW, Australian actor David Berry (A Place to Call Home, Home and Away) has won the role of grown (Oscar Kennedy played the younger version) Lord John Grey.

***Spoilers: Book Spoilers for Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager follow. Book Spoilers***

In Voyager, Jamie reencounters an adult John Grey while Fraser, having surrendered himself so his tenants can survive on the reward money, is incarcerated at Ardsmuir Prison. Jamie (small wonder) continues to be attractive to all people, and, though he eventually becomes somewhat friendly with the amorous Lord Grey, Jamie makes it clear he’ll not do anything to be freed.

***End Book Spoilers***

Berry also played a gay soldier in the Australian series A Place to Call Home; here’s a clip:

Since I’ve not seen Berry in anything, I’m going to take the wait-and-see approach. Right now, about halfway through reading Voyager, I find myself more concerned about whether the Starz series will introduce “Mr. Willoughby,” aka Yi Tien Cho. So far, I’m nothing but disturbed by his description, and feeling like I hope they skip right over the character.

Starz has already renewed Outlander through Season 4, which will cover Diana Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn.


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