Walt Goggins Explains That His Gorgeous Smile is Hard Won … Twice!


One of the first things that ever struck me about Walt Goggins was his fantastic smile. I like big teeth and I cannot lie …. My strange affinity for men with big smiles and teeth probably began with Tears for Fears’ Roland Orzabal, and Goggins’ gorgeous mouth is simply brimming with big teeth.


They suit his larger than life personality, don’t you think? Too bad Walt’s chompers have been in and out of his face a couple of times already.

Hearing Goggins tell about the first time he had his front teeth knocked out is bad enough (I can totally relate, since my 10-year-old son broke his at the end of the last school year), but hearing what the emergency room doctor did is HORRIFYING. My heart hurts for the poor guy. Just you listen:


All that, only to knock them out again a few years later? *shudder*


It’s also interesting to hear Walt had to have a bridge throughout high school; we were also told by a kids’ dentist that my son couldn’t have a permanent fix until he was an adult. Turns out those temporary chicklet teeth are just crap, and they keep popping out — you try keeping a 10-year-old on a soft diet with no chewy things like bagels or pizza! — we finally had to go to a specialist and have porcelain crowns (that could last his whole life) put on.

All this to say, appreciate your teeth, man!


Walt Goggins stars in Vice Principals, beginning on HBO September 4th.


Cindy Davis

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