Mr. Colbert or: How The Late Show Host Learned to Stop Worrying and Hang with Christian Slater


Stephen Colbert is so amusingly taken with USA’s Mr. Robot that, following his total geekout over Rami Malek last week (TBF, who can blame him?), he invited on Christian Slater and opened The Late Show by getting his best Elliot Alderson on. It’s predictably silly and fun, and I love how utterly obsessed Colbert is with the series.

Nice job with the hooded paranoia, Stephen!


Later, Slater reminisced about growing up in the business — his mother was a casting agent — and the way he and Stephen talked about the actor’s long career, you might think Slater is much older than his 47 years. Speaking of aging, Hard Harry acknowledged having the best twelfth birthday a kid could ever hope for, thanks to a surprise Star Wars guest. Can you even imagine being 12 and having ***Spoiler*** show up at your party? (hear about Slater’s invitee at the 2:49 mark):


Who even knows if that story is real?




Cindy Davis

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