Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown Continues Her World Domination Tour Rapping Nicki Minaj’s Monster Verse


Time to get past your Fallon irritation again, peeps, because the people playing his latest game are actual adorable kids. Better yet, they’re the Stranger Things kids: Millie Bobby Brown, aka Eleven; Caleb McLaughlin, aka Lucas; Gaten Matarazzo, aka Toothless Dustin; and Finn Wolfhard, aka Mike. Sorry folks, Barb couldn’t make it; ***SPOILER*** SHE’S DEAD (no worries, though. Shannon Pursor already got a new gig).

Cute as the kids are, Fallon’s antics approach annoying — that is, until nearly the end, when Brown displays her excellent rapping skills. While you might be surprised at her lovely native English accent, it’s no shock girl’s got it all going on. Check her out at the 4:38 mark:

Oh, and, BTW, Toothless Dustin has adorable teeth.


(H/T Craig)

Cindy Davis

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