Martin Shkreli Loses Twitter Bout with Patton Oswalt, Goes After Captain America


In case you thought Trump was the only diehard blowhard in the country …

This is like an epic high elementary school game of “I know you are, but what am I”? Pharmaceutical phuckwad Martin Shkreli doesn’t seem to realize comedian Patton Oswalt knows how to expertly stir his pot, and pulls the classic chest-puffing move: go after someone else. Only the next guy just happens to spends half his time dressed up as a perennial symbol of good — truth, honor, justice — and the other half, being a regular Mr. Nice Guy, visiting sick kids — basically everything (as demonstrated by his actions), Shkreli isn’t. But blowhards gotta blow … hard, so let’s all pretend to be impressed with Shkreli’s barrage of BS, all generated by a single appreciative Chris Evans tweet:

You may want to grab a snack.



Through this entire thing, my brain is picturing is Chris Evans’ Captain America with one hand on the top of Shkreli’s head, holding him at arm’s length while the idiot flails and fruitlessly tries to land a punch.


I mean, come on, dude.


Cap knows it’s not even worth wasting his finger muscles to type anything back.

Oswalt kindly acknowledged his support.


And that’s it for today’s edition of One-Sided Twitter Feuds!

Cindy Davis

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