In This Deleted Outlander Scene, Jamie Has a Great Excuse for Asking Fergus About a Particular Prostitute; First Look at Season 3


Some guys are good at thinking on their feet; others, not so much. Luckily for Outlander‘s Jamie, he falls into the first category because, even though he’s usually pretty careful about choosing his words, the hunky Fraser had to quickly extract himself from a sticky situation. What’s that you say? Caught chatting it up with Fergus about a professional woman with “mighty bosoms,” Jamie so quickly has just the right explanation that Claire doesn’t stop to wonder how he knows exactly what Frederique smells like (“sandalwood”).

We should have known it was that Bonnie Prince Charles’ fault.


Nicely done, Jamie!


Check out this and other extras from Outlander Season 2, available on Blu-Ray November 1st; digitally, October 31st. Oh, and here’s your first look at Season 3!

Outlander Season 3


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