Chris Pratt Describes Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 in 3 Words; Reveals a Huge Spoiler and the Marvel Character He’d Like Star-Lord to Meet


Sorry, James Gunn, but Chris Pratt can’t keep his mouth shut about Guardians 2. Can’t say as we blame him; I mean, you’ve already said we’re not getting a trailer anytime soon (Pratt: “It will be ready by Christmas“) and what with only a few delicious tidbits to nibble on, of course people will sidestep you to get the info we all want. Thankfully, Star-Lord seems happy to oblige, even if it’s actually in the middle of publicity for a different movie (The Magnificent Seven).


Firstly, and best of all, he LIVE-REVEALED a huge spoiler, right there on the Twitters.


Okay, okay, so that was *probably* a Gunnprank. Damned highfalutin’ directors, messing with us. At least we’re getting this 3-word descriptor straight from the horse’s Star-Lord’s mouth: Guardians Vol. 2 is the …

… GREATEST MOVIE 5EVA! I KNEW IT! Wait, he is talking about GoTG, Vol. 2, isn’t he?


I choose to believe he was definitely referring to Vol. 2 (He was: “I’m not using hyperbole, here – I think it’s going to be the biggest spectacle movie of all time”).

At least with his next reveal — the other Marvel character Pratt would most like Peter Quill to meet up with — nothing is unclear. The actor unequivocally states a name and the personal-to-Pratt reason for his choice:


Finally, though Vol. 2 isn’t out until next May, people are already throwing their hats in the ring for a possible near-certain Vol. 3. And, by people, I mean Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, who recently made it known he’s a huge GotG fan and wants a role.

I would do anything to be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 – are you listening James Gunn?

Turns out Gunn was in fact listening, and now he’s publicly responded:

Yes, I did hear that Steven Tyler wants to be in Guardians of the Galaxy. He gave me a shout-out the other day in an interview. He said, ‘James Gunn are you listening?’ The answer is: Steven, yes I am listening. And I’m a big fan of Steven Tyler‘s. I had the pleasure of directing his daughter Liv in a movie in which she was fantastic, and I met him for a few seconds at a screening of that movie. He’s a cool guy. And of course I would love to work with Steven Tyler sometime.




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