Ewan McGregor Thinks Scots Might Have a Healthier Relationship with the Vagina. Mine Thinks He’s Probably Right


Ewan McGregor is in the midst of premiering his directorial debut — an adaptation of Philip Roth’s American Pastoral — and, as such, he’s done a new Esquire interview. Skimming through it quickly (and I’m sure I’ve missed some really deep stuff), there’s one passage in which wise Obi-Wan manages to succinctly capture the subtle difference between our home country and his:

… we pause to discuss obscenities because, walking upward, I have unleashed a string of them. Does Irvine Welsh, the Scottish author of the novel Trainspotting and its sequel, Porno, I ask, use the c-word as often in person as he does in print? McGregor nods yes. Deploying it isn’t a big deal in Scotland, he says, where it’s ‘a bit like calling someone a prick.’ In America, he asks, ‘It’s horribly offensive and really, really associated with the female genitalia, right?’ I answer yes; it’s essentially America’s last taboo word. He considers this and says about the Scots, his blue eyes gleaming, ‘Maybe we have a healthier relationship with the vagina.’

And with that short, perhaps indiscriminate observation, McGregor has once again proven his merit as the most underrated actor of his time. Clever, funny, sly, knowing, winking, and gorgeous. Now, I suppose I should go read the rest of the Q & A, lest I missed something nearly as naughty important.

(Actually, he does mention that after watching The Pillow Book, in which Ewan appeared naked a whole lot, his dad sent a note that read:  “I’m glad you inherited one of my major attributes.”)


Us, too, Dad.



Ewan is currently reunited with Danny Boyle and filming T2: Trainspotting; up next, playing brothers in Fargo‘s third season.

(Photos via Esquire)

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