Screw the Taboo: We May as Well Start a Countdown to Weekly Hot Tom Hardy Right Now


During last night’s AHS: Here We Go Again premiere, FX aired a promo for Tom Hardy’s long awaited new show. Here are a few reminders of why you’ll want to watch.

When it comes to hot people, there’s no time like the present to appreciate their beauty, am I right? Of course I am. Why wait? Since we first saw the trailer for Tom Hardy’s upcoming FX series Taboo 

… where apparently not much of Tom actually is taboo, we’ve been just a little excited. I’m sure you can appreciate why.

Not that we’re shallow or anything; I mean, the series itself sounds fantastic. Written by Hardy with his dad, the adorably nicknamed “Chips”, Taboo follows Tom as James Delaney, an early 1800s adventurer who returns to Britain after a long absence. Set on avenging his father’s death, Delaney takes on the multinational trading giant (loosely based on the East India Trading Company) that destroyed his family’s business. Created by Steven Knight, who works with Hardy on Peaky Blinders, the 8-episode miniseries is produced by Ridley Scott, and costars Oona Chaplin, Jonathan Pryce, Michael Kelly, Richard Dixon, David Hayman, and Leo Bill — but, for some reason, we’ve been concentrating on Hardy.


Here are a few recent set photos of Tom in other garb; I suppose at some point a gentleman has to get dressed (you know how those Brits are with their social graces).



This guy seems to have suffered an (onscreen) injury; perhaps that’s step one of Delaney’s revenge.


And, of course, wherever Tom is, you can be sure there’s a pup somewhere nearby.


(Set photos via/see more at TDM)

We’re still waiting on FX to announce the premiere date (early 2017), but, until then, you can be sure we’ll keep our eyes out for any hot newsworthy information.

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