Which Cast Members Can We Spy in the Wackadoodle New American Horror Story: Roanoke Teaser?


Last night, American Horror Story, Season 6, premiered to presumably huge ratings because people like you and me couldn’t stand not knowing what this round will be about. Never you mind that since AHS: Murder House, Ryan Murphy’s anthology series has run wildly off the rails — usually around midway through the season — we can’t abide being in the dark. Speaking of: it could be a good sign that we’re back in a haunted house; as yet, I’m not quite sure. Shot documentary style, with much less flash and style than Hotel’s sumptuous opener, Roanoke appears to be a bit of a mishmash, leaving some viewers intrigued, others confused, and people like me feeling decidedly “meh” (don’t worry, I’m apparently in the minority). That said, for many of us, Murphy works in just the right tantalizers to hook us for at least a few episodes. In this official Season 6 teaser, Kathy Bates’ routine recalls one of the least-satisfying AHS editions, 2013’s Coven. If she’s going to stomp around all wonky-accented and hacking up people, Roanoke may suffer a quick audience exodus; on the other hand, if this round turns out to be about a house haunted by the missing Lost Colony with the clever twists of its first year, AHS could suck us right back in. As much as these particular viewers love a scary mystery, we also like callbacks and connections back to the show’s beginning. And speaking of what we love about AHS: aside from Ryan Murphy’s inconceivable ability to round us back up again, his excellent returning actors — led once again by the wonderfully talented Sarah Paulson — help us forgive even its most abominable acts.

Have a look at the new teaser, and we’ll see who we can find.

The Big Reveal: Gaga? Is that you?


Also Returning: And also behind Kathy is Wes Bentley.



I believe that’s the bottom half of his beardyface to the right, here:


AHS Favorite: Denis O’Hare — presumably as a ghost colonist — shows up in some found footage.


Later on, he appears as a more current version of himself, not unlike Kathy Bates’ character.


But it looks like things won’t go well for him.


Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner? Sarah Paulson is screaming, “Matt,” but I presume (hope) that’s a misdirect, not Cuba Gooding, Jr. Indeed, if you zoom in on the dude being roasted, he has a pig head; Piggy Man is/was played by Marti Matulis.


Twisty Cameo: I think there’s a decent possibility this priestly fellow is John Carroll Lynch (Freak Show, Hotel):



Mere Speculation: This could be Lady Gaga, Emma Roberts, or someone else entirely.


Er, the ground is sighing.


American Horror Story: Roanoke also stars Angela Bassett, Lily Rabe, André Holland, Adina Porter, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer, Finn Wittrock, Chaz Bono, Leslie Jordan, and Jacob Artist.

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