Meet Outlander‘s Joe Abernathy and Young Ian, Plus Ron Moore Slips Us a Few Season 3 Details


Nicely done, Outlander! As first reported by Variety, two key Season 3 roles have been filled. Based on Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager, Starz next outing will find *****bleeeeeeep*****; oh well, if you watched the Season 2 finale, you probably have an idea about that major happening that leads into the Season 3 story; I won’t spoil you. I will talk about the new characters though, because they’re not terribly big. Spoilers, right? But, you know this, else you wouldn’t be in here.

Playing Claire Fraser’s (Caitriona Balfe) friend/fellow medical school student (and eyebrow raiser — she’s a woman and he a black man, both new to that scene circa 1955 Boston) — Joe Abernathy will be Wil Johnson (Waking the Dead, Emmerdale). The London-born actor has starred in many beloved British dramas and was recently lauded for his role as the Earl of Kent in Manchester’s Royal Exchange production of King Lear.


Also cast for Season 3: as Young Ian — Jenny and Ian Murray’s son — is The Hobbit‘s Bain, Scottish actor John Bell (Doctor Who, Hatfields & McCoys, Life of Riley).


Bell and Johnson join fellow new cast member David Berry, who’ll star as (the adult version of) Lord John Grey.

Outlander Season 3 is currently filming,

and expected to return to Starz in 2017, but not with a supersized premiere. As answered by showrunner Ron Moore, we won’t be getting a 90-minute open.

Moore did confirm that he’s written the first episode, Season 3 will — thank the gods — have more sexytimes, and they’re still working on where filming of the Voyager ships in 2017 will take place.

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