Wouldn’t Every Morning be a Little Better with Shirtless Tom Hardy? Taboo Teaser


Oh, Tom …


… haven’t we all done a few foolish things? What’s a little madness between friends?

Especially when it involves shirtlessness? Free the nipple and all that.


Down to business: here’s a quick new tease for Hardy’s limited FX series, Taboo. Set in early 1800s, Hardy plays long-gone adventuresome son James Delaney, who returns home to avenge his father’s death, which involves taking on a huge trading company.

While he was off in Africa, Delaney may have picked up a few native rocks (what’s a little thievery between friends?):


I imagine that’ll come back to haunt him.



But you and I, we’ll be there to comfort Tom, won’t we?


It’s all good, Tom.

Written by Hardy and his father (Chips!), Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders) serves as showrunner, Ridley Scott produced, and Oona Chaplin, Jonathan Pryce, Michael Kelly, Richard Dixon, David Hayman, and Leo Bill costar. Taboo arrives on FX in 2017, and trust me when I say that we are on high alert.




Cindy Davis

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