The All Grown Up Nirvana Nevermind Cover Baby Eerily Resembles Kurt Cobain


Hearing September 24th was the 25th Anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind may make you wish you could turn back time; how can that even be? Twenty-five years? Really? Sorry, kids, it’s true. To commemorate the occasion photographer John Chapple reshot that now grown cover baby, Spencer Elden (original cover by Kirk Weddle; the bill and hook were added to the shot digitally):





To the consternation of some, the shots of Elden now feature 100% less genitalia. Grow up, people!

What’s really interesting is, that baby grew up to remarkably resemble Kurt Cobain:


Pretty eerie, since they have no other connection. As related by Elden, his father, Rick knew Kirk Weddle and sometimes helped him on photo sets. Weddle asked if he could photograph Spencer, his dad received $200 in payment, and an iconic cover was born. Grown Elden received the same payment for his adult photo shoot.


(Photos of Spencer via John Chapple)

Cindy Davis

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