We Hope Tom Hiddleston is Getting Paid a Lot for These Pictures


Not sure what photographer Glen Luchford was going for with this Tom Hiddleston shoot for Gucci, but all I’m getting is “Lifestyles of the Depressed and Famous”. Tom is modeling Gucci’s “Cruise 2017” line alongside some gorgeous Afghans; perhaps they’re consoling him through that post-Swift low I’m sure all Taylor’s exes experience for at least ten minutes. Or maybe he’s finally realized he knocked himself out of the Bond arena?


Whatever it is, Hiddles really looks down on his luck, even if he is dressed to the nines,


and hanging out with the best-groomed dogs this side of Havana.


Why so wistful, Tom? Did you get a stateroom without a porthole?


Mostly he looks like a toddler dressed for showing off at another of Mother’s fancy parties; adding insult to injury, forced to wear his sister’s Mary Janes.


Even the dogs can’t bear to look at him.

This, too, will pass, Tom; this, too, will pass.

(photos via GQ UK)

Cindy Davis

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