And, Now, Here’s Tom Hiddleston as Sling Blade‘s Karl Childers, Mmm-Hmm


Yesterday may have been Dandy with Doggies Day, but, today, Tom Hiddleston is giving off a whole different vibe. I’d like to say he looks happier, but, indeed, his breakup with Taylor Swift seems to have left Tom down in the dumps. At least that’s how his latest pictures are making me feel.

As soon as I saw the shots from this Interview Q & A with friend and Infinity War co-star Benedict Cumberbatch, I heard a little “Mmm-hmm” in Billy Bob Thornton’s voice; it’s not just me, right?



Not for nothing, Tom (and I do love that movie), but we’d sure like to see you cheery again real soon.

There are a few more photos; I guess this is what Loki wears in his downtime — a leather bathrobe?


And this is how I might picture Hiddles as a Chippendales dancer.


Did somebody say dance?


Man, I’d really like to see that Hiddleston return. These are some dark days, people.

Read Tom and Benedict’s chit-chat, and check out more photos at Interview.

Cindy Davis

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