Hey, You Wanna Feel Really Old? Come Sniffle Through Gilmore Girls Memories with the Cast


Logically, we know our Girls have been getting older right alongside us, but (oh, my heart) HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? For a little bit of context, I’m in the middle of a Gilmore Girls rewatch — introducing my kids to the show — and just last night we watched this very episode:


So, you’ll have to pardon me if I burst into tears watching this little trip down memory lane with some of the cast, all of whom have inexplicably aged overnight (in my brainspace). It’s hard enough getting through the episodes with Rory all excited about going to college, watching Lorelai’s face when she realizes what that means, and somehow coming to grips with the fact that my own oldest daughter is 16 and looking at schools herself … now Lane has basically turned into Mrs. Kim, and Paris is a soccer mom!


See for yourself, and I hope you have tissues handy.







I’m so truly looking forward to this catch-up, but, man, is it ever making me feel … somebody hold me!


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life begins streaming on Netflix November 25th.

p.s. Is one of your town diners being transformed into Luke’s place today? Get yourself a cuppa.


Cindy Davis

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