Hail, Hail, the Blade Runner 2049 Gang’s Not All Here: First Shot of Ridley and His Replicants Released


The long-gestating Blade Runner sequel is really rolling now; it has an official title: Blade Runner 2049, and a release date exactly one year from today: October 6, 2017. More importantly — maybe? — is a photo of Ridley Scott (he’ll executive produce) with director Denis Villeneuve and two of the sequel stars, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.


I’m almost certain Ford is telling Villeneuve, “Hell, yeah, I’m a replicant. Didn’t you watch the director’s cut?” BGoose™ is smirking because he knows he’s a replicant, too, and Sir Scott sits back, just playing it cool; he likes to leave people guessing.

The other big news, announced by Oculus, is that 2049 will also be delivered in a new format: VR (Virtual Reality).


Blade Runner 2049 also stars Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, Lennie James, Ana de Armas, Jared Leto, and Dave Bautista.


Cindy Davis

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