Turns Out There Really are Stranger Things! Plus, What’s Millie Bobby Brown’s Dad Up To?


We knew there was some basis in reality behind Netflix’s megahit original series, Stranger Things, but I don’t think we expected things went quite this deep. You’ll recall that, in the show, the Department of Energy was behind some troubling experiments that allowed for a horrible monster — aka the Demogorgon — to escape a parallel universe called the Upside-Down; turns out the Montauk Experiments into time travel and teleportation aren’t the only weird things our government’s been up to (I know, you’re SO surprised).

After a reporter wisely used the Freedom of Information act to request a little digging into Department of Energy emails, he got back more than he bargained for:


It gets even better! The Washington Free Beacon‘s Lachlan Markay has been digging through all that paperwork, and found that, while officially, some goofy blog entry denies the DOE gets involved in shady Stranger Things-like activities, some of their employees believe otherwise:



Not only has the DOE dabbled in parallel universes; this person says they’ve also conducted experiments on humans. Watch out for your kidlets, people.


These same people would have you believe they give a flying fork about Barb.


Oh, please, who cared that much about Barb, anyway?

You can comb through the whole communique if you like, but I feel pretty satisfied (buying a new box-o-foil to make a BIGGER hat tonight); it’s clear the Duffer Brothers had some inside DOE knowledge and turned it into an extremely fun, creepy, and profitable Netflix show.

Speaking of turning a profit, I’m not sure how I feel about the rumor that Millie Bobby Brown’s (Eleven) father has been sort of shopping around his daughter to agencies who’d like to represent the extremely talented young actress, now in great demand. THR reports multiple sources say Robert Brown is demanding a six-figure sum to sign his daughter:

… Brown, has been demanding what amounts to a signing fee for the privilege of representing his daughter … the elder Brown, who goes by Bobby, made it clear in conversations with them that a sizable cash payment would be necessary for Millie to sign with that agency. Two sources say the number floated by Brown was $100,000 up front. The move is raising eyebrows among even the most seasoned agents because, while not necessarily illegal, ‘it is completely unorthodox.’

THR later mentions that a statement from the Brown family said the requests were “made in jest;” that Robert Brown is close to UK sports agents, who commonly pay fees to represent talent. At first read, as described, it sounds kind of creepy. But, upon reflection, if that’s the usual practice with in-demand athletes, why not actors? A talent as big as Millie is worth as much as, if not more than, a person kicking around a ball, don’t we think?


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