The Walking Dead‘s Season 7 NYCC Teaser Hints at Negan’s Victim(s) and Rick Finally Paying His Comic Debt


***Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead through Season 6 and the comic follow. Spoilers***

Over the NYCC weekend, AMC released a new Walking Dead Season 7 teaser, focusing on a horrifying post-murder scene between Rick Grimes and Negan. As confirmed by showrunner Scott Gimple, the October 23rd series return will reveal Negan’s victim(s); this preview drops a couple hints — as well as indicating what looks like a major comic happening — but we should probably remain wary. Have a look, and we’ll discuss below.

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the “Right Hand Man” trailer: Negan, hatchet in hand, drags Rick into his trailer after discussing the importance of a right-hand man. Can’t get any more on the nose than all that, so I think it’s safe to say that Rick is finally about to (literally) lose his right hand. Comic readers know a different psycho (the Governor) did the dirty deed, but, as we’ve seen many times (*coughGlenncough*), the writers like to mess around with expectations. Speaking of: there’s at least one clue to Negan’s victim(s) thrown out, and it also plays with that idea of a right-hand man.


That looks to be the blanket Daryl had wrapped around himself when he was brought out to join the rest of the group held by Negan and Co.


I strongly believe this is a red herring, and, despite the show’s anyone-can-die motto, I just don’t think now is the time Daryl will go (if ever). More likely, at some point, either Daryl (upset) throws the blanket off or it got pulled off because he jumps up and tries to save someone. These aren’t the kind of people who all stay down while Negan kills one of their own.


Another clue some viewers seem to believe points to Maggie — who is right next to Rick in the lineup, so wouldn’t he be more bloody? — can be seen near the end of the tease, when the camera focuses on the ground and a bloody, pulpy mess: presumably what’s left of a victim’s head (GAH). Warning: gross photo ahead.


On the right side of this screenshot, there’s a shiny object that some believe is Maggie’s engagement ring. Now, if it were, does that necessarily mean she’s been a victim? Of course not. She could have had her hand hurt while trying to protect herself or someone else (Maggie’s also right next to Abraham, strongly believed by some to be one of the victims). To me, though, the object doesn’t quite match Maggie’s ring, which, as you can see in a still from “This Sorrowful Life”, has a round stone:


It could be the angle of the shot or the ring itself could have been smashed, but this close-up makes the stone — if that even is a ring — look more like a marquis or pear cut:


It’s very difficult to tell exactly what that object is.

*Update:  I just thought about something. Often, pregnant women — either because of swelling extremities or weight gain — stop wearing their ring(s). If that actually is Maggie’s ring, Glenn may have been wearing it on a chain to keep it safe for her.

More likely, Glenn is — like Rick — finally getting his comic storyline due, though it’s certainly possible Negan kills more than one Grimes “family” member. We’ll find out for sure October 23rd.

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